Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Finding quality auto accident treatment after you have suffered an injury in a car wreck can sometimes be frustrating. understands your frustration. Quality medical treatment is only a few clicks away on Accident Doctor. When you have been hurt after an accident, you need to find care quickly. Moreover, you need to find a Doctor who understands how to document and treat car accident injuries.  Failure to seek auto accident injury treatment may lead to a delay or gap in treatment, which is frowned upon by the insurance company.

A gap in medical treatment can cost you thousands of dollars, and put your recovery at risk. We recommend seeking medical care within 72 hours, and then your doctor can determine the extent of your condition. In addition, you need to determine whether or not you will need an attorney.  There are pros and cons to using an attorney after a collision. Talk to your MD about hiring the right attorney. These auto accident injury clinics work with many different attorneys and understand which are best.

What is Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Accident treatment is when medical services are provided by a doctor to someone who has been involved in a car wreck. Injury or car accident clinics specialize in auto accident treatment. Auto accidents have to be treated by someone who knows how to document and treat serious collision injuries. Seeing the wrong Doctor could jeopardize your personal injury case.

Not all Medical Doctors specialize in auto accidents. If you were involved in a collision and you went to the ER, they will generally give you some muscle relaxers and pain killers, and tell you to go home. They may tell you to do a follow up with your family Doctor. However, what happens when the next available appointment is a week away, and then you find out that your family PCP does not treat car accident injuries? You do not need to wait to get care.

Don’t wait to seek Medical Care after your car wreck

Have you ever heard of gap in treatment or delay in medical treatment? Delayed treatment means that you waited too long to get medical treatment, whereas a gap in treatment is when you miss scheduled appointments.  Both delays and gaps in treatment may damage your personal injury claim.  Moreover, delayed treatment could lead to further damage or additional injuries.

Always remember that the insurance company is paid to limit the amount of money paid to accident victims.  An Adjuster does not like to pay out on claims when there have been delays or gaps in medical treatment. Again, the insurance company will look for any reason to limit or deny your claim.  Seeking immediate medical treatment from a qualified accident Doctor ensures that your injuries are properly documented.

Don’t speak to anyone until you have received a full examination by a Doctor

In some cases, adjusters may offer you money right after a car wreck. Why do you think they would do this? How could they possibly know what injuries you have?  Moreover, how much will your injury treatment cost?  They do this because some people would take it, not realizing that they have just settled their medical case. The adjuster saves the company a lot of money in medical costs. Don’t be a fool and fall for this.

If you have not been checked out by an accident Doctor, how do you know what your injuries are? What if you took that money and started having pain in your back or neck. Whiplash and many soft tissue injuries can take several weeks to feel.  Make sure to see the doctor before signing anything. Get a thorough exam by a physician before making any decision about taking a quick settlement.

Common Accident Injuries

Back Pain

Broken Bones




Leg Pain

Muscle Weakness


Neck pain


Shoulder Pain






Tingling sensation


Do injury clinics treat slip and fall incidents?

Generally speaking, most Accident Clinics will also treat slip and fall injuries.  Slip and fall accidents can happen in just about any public place.  Most slip and fall accidents are caused by gross negligence on the part of a business or public utility.  Failure to clearly mark construction zones, obvious spills and other negligence fall under slip and fall accidents.

With any slip and fall accident, make sure to call the police if possible and document your injuries as soon as possible.  Again, the insurance company will look for reasons to deny your claim.  Documentation of your injuries is your best defense against the insurance company.  Every public place is required to clearly mark areas of possible injury.  If you have been injured in a public place due to negligence, then you are entitled to medical treatment.

In addition to medical treatment, you will likely need to consult with an injury attorney.  With a car accident, you use a claim number to get treatment, and do not always need an attorney.  However, many slip and fall accidents will need a Letter of Protection from an attorney to pay for treatment.  Ask your accident Doctor about using an attorney.  Your Doctor will know the best attorney for your specific situation.

Car Accident Injury Treatment

Every automobile accident is different and the treatment required is unique to you. Older patients, or people with preexisting conditions, generally require more auto accident injury treatment due to slower recovery.  Whereas, younger or healthy patients are more likely to heal quickly, requiring less care.  A good clinic will provide access to Medical Doctors, Chiropractic Treatment and Physical Therapists, who specialize in auto accident injury treatment.

Our database includes Auto Accident Doctors who accept all forms of car accident payments including PIP, NO Fault, Auto Insurance and Letters of Protection.  Again, not all injury clinics are the same.  Moreover, many clinics that treat car accident injuries will not provide access to Medical Doctors, pain management, orthopedic surgeons, ENT and more.  Call us immediately if you cannot find an accident doctor in your area and we will find one for you.


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